My Old Man

Zac Brown Band

Members of the West Point Band and Colonel Doug McInvale pay tribute to fathers everywhere with the Zac Brown Band tune "My Old Man."

The Resonance Of Music

Connecting Military Families Around The Globe

Watch how this video inspired one Soldier to reconnect with his own father

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In 2017, Major Paul Lushenko was deployed to Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Back home, his wife was raising their three daughters with the help of Paul’s father. To celebrate Father’s Day, the West Point Band released a cover of the Zac Brown Band’s song “My Old Man” with COL Doug McInvale of the Math Department singing lead. Overseas, Paul saw the song on social media and was moved not only to reach out to his father, but also to send an email to COL McInvale, his former math instructor, thanking him for helping make an emotional connection to his family half a world away. In this short clip, Paul Lushenko tells the story of how the West Point Band’s rendition of “My Old Man” touched him, followed by a clip of COL McInvale recounting his exchange with Paul while performing the song during the Fourth of July Concert at Trophy Point.