The Hellcats

The West Point Band's field music group, the Hellcats, is a showpiece for the United States Army and the United Stated Military Academy. Comprised of bugles, piccolos, and drums, the Hellcats received their name from the Corps of Cadets because of the early morning playing of reveille every day at West Point. As the Army's first and only remaining field music group, the Hellcats trace their heritage back to the American Revolution, when General George Washington established the garrison of West Point and appointed a fifer and drummer for signaling in camp.

The modern-day Hellcat is handpicked through a rigorous, highly selective audition process ensuring that only the most technically proficient musicians are hired.  A contemporary Hellcat is expected to perform with little or no notice at the largest media outlets in New York City and around the world. This has included representing the Army on ABC, NBC, FOX, and BBC1 for their national broadcasts, and collaborating with stars of all genres, such as country music artist Trace Adkins.