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New Album Released!

Songs That Save Our Lives

Check out the new album by the Benny Havens Band. The album is made up entirely of all original songs by some of Nashville's most successful writers representing BMG, Curb, Tom Leis Music and This Music. It was recorded at Soundstage in November of 2015 by the members of the Benny Havens Band, produced by Michael Spriggs and completed in late 2016.

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Music Under the Stars: Free Concert Series

The West Point Band is proud to announce its bicentennial season “Music Under the Stars” 2017 summer concert series at West Point’s majestic Trophy Point Amphitheater. Starts June 17th!

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The Benny Havens Band brings the best of rock, hip-hop, R&B, and country to audiences everywhere. Their mission is to share our nation's stories of service and sacrifice at home and around the world, to honor veterans and fellow service members for their selfless service, and to inspire the next generation of American leadership.  Dedicated to their craft and their country, these soldiers support events that celebrate the best America has to offer. They cover everything from West Point Cadet dances, Wounded Warriors events, and black tie gatherings paying tribute to our service men and women, to celebrations like Fleet Week on the U.S.S. Intrepid. With their deep grooves, soaring vocals, searing guitars, and the best-looking horn section in the business, the Benny Havens Band is at the forefront of today's music, leading the way for the U.S. Army and beyond with the motto "To Educate, Train, and Inspire."

The band is named after legendary Highland Falls, New York, tavern keeper Benny Havens, one of the more colorful figures in West Point's rich history. Academy lore holds that West Point Cadets would walk the frozen Hudson River at nightfall from their barracks to Benny Havens' place for a mug of ale and a chance to relax from the stress of their studies at West Point. The present-day Benny Havens Band appears at cadet events that capture the same sense of camaraderie and respite from the hectic pace of cadet life.